Covid Guidelines

We are pleased to begin our new season of dancing on 2 September - without social distancing.
Dancing will commence at 8 pm with regular breaks, finishing at 10 pm.
Hand sanitizer will be provided and you are encouraged to use this on arrival and frequently throughout the evening.
All doors and windows will remain open to maximise fresh air. You are advised to bring additional layers as appropriate.
If you prefer to dance in a mask and/or gloves please do so, although this is not compulsory.
Chairs will be available.
Tea and biscuits will be provided though you are welcome to bring your own drink, and that you also bring your own water bottle.
Based on the attendance register your details may be passed to NHS Test and Trace if required.
Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 40 per evening.
Details of how to book and pay have been sent to all our members.
Before attending, please ensure that you have been fully vaccinated.
Please do not attend if you:
a. Have symptoms of Covid-19 (currently a headache OR runny nose OR sneezing OR sore throat OR loss of smell OR any other symptoms which are added in line with government guidelines
b. Have received a positive test result for Covid-19 within the last fourteen days
c. Have been asked to self-isolate by the NHS (for example by the Test and Trace system) within the last fourteen days
d. Are subject to a local lockdown rule, a quarantine requirement following overseas
travel or is not permitted to have social interactions for any other reason.
If you become ill with symptoms of Covid-19 within fourteen days after attending an event please notify the secretary of the results of your Covid-19 test as soon as is practicable.
Please be responsible for your own well-being, including at the event and travelling
to and from the event. Please also consider the well-being of others.