Links to local Scottish Dance groups and other information sites

Here are some of the organisations that we dance with
or sites that provide lots more information on dance.

* New Local Class


Beginners Class - RSCDS

In Richmond on Weds 7 - 9pm - run by RSCDS London.

Local Dance Groups


Addlestone & District Scottish Society

Meets on Wednesdays in Byfleet (please check their website for any updates)

Camberley Reel Club

Meets on Tuesdays

Chiswick SCD Club

Meets on Sunday evenings

Croydon RSCDS Branch

see Classes link on their website
Also the Tartan jigsaw calendar

London Highland Club

Occasional dances and balls

Richmond Caledonian Society

Meets on Wednesdays

Wimbledon Reels

Meets on Tuesdays (but on Thursdays in summer)

Dance Information


London RSCDS Branch

Dances, classes and information with link to the SE Dance Diary


Brief notes for over 2000 Scottish Country Dances available free for use to create your own easily prepared Cribsheets

SCD Database

A database of information on Scottish country dances, formations, musical recordings, Scottish country dance tunes etc

Strathspey Server - with Dance Injuries info

Healthy dancing page on warm-ups, injury prevention and more