Here are the programmes for last 3 weeks

Previous weeks dance programmes

NB Dance Programmes are as originally listed

Programme for 23 June 2022   MCs: Libby and Jenny

  1. Joie de Vivre J
  2. The Royal Deeside Railway R
  3. Morrison's Measure R
  4. Miss Gibson’s Strathspey S
  5. Wild Geese J
  6. Jennifer’s Jig J (for experienced dancers only)
  7. Belle of Bon Accord S
  8. The Rothesay Rant Sq J
  9. Crom Allt R
  10. City of Belfast S
  11. Johnnie Walker M

Programme for 16 June MCs: Evelyn and David

  1. EH3 7AF
  2. Clutha
  3. 12 Coates Crescent
  4. Tribute to the Borders
  5. Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
  6. St Mark’s Strathspey
  7. Maxwell’s Rant
  8. Linton Ploughman
  9. Trip to Timber Ridge
  10. The Silver Tassie
  11. Liquid Assets
  12. Up in the Air
  13. The Irish Rover

Mairi’s Wedding
Jennifer’s Jig 

Programme for 9 June 2022    MCs: Ruth and Deb

  1. Hooper’s Jig
  2. The Clansman
  3. Cherrybank Gardens
  4. Pines of Pitlochry
  5. The Piper and the Penguin
  6. City of Belfast
  7. The Cranberry Tart
  8. Irish Rover
  9. The Wind on Loch Fyne
  10. James Gray
  11. Belle of Bon Accord
  12. Ramadan-ce
Seton’s Ceilidh Band
Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

19 May 2022   (N.B.  following the AGM)

MCs: Suzanne

Good Hearted Glasgow
The Surbiton Frolic
MacDonald of The Isles
Swashbuckling Iain
Sleepy Maggie
Granville Market

12 May - MC: Lindsay Rousseau

1. A London Celebration R 6 x32 (Ann Dix 2012)
2. It Should be Fun (J 4x32) (Roy Goldring, Graded and Social dances 3)
3. The Rutland Reel (R 8x40) (Bk 48.2)
4. The Paisley Weavers (S 3 x32) Gr Bk 3
5. The Jubilee Jig (J 8 x32) Leaflet 11
6. The College Hornpipe (R 8 x32) Bk 20.12
7. Johnnie Walker (S64 J 64) Robson 1977
8. The Starry Eyed Lassie (J8x32) Bk 23
9. The Deil Amang the Tailors (R x32) Bk 14
10. Delvine Side (S 8x32) Bk 2
11. Miss Allie Anderson (J 8 x32) Leaflet 14
12. Mrs Macpherson of Inveran (R 8 x32) John Drewry, Bon Accord

5 May - MC: Jim Cook

The Laird Of Milton's Daughter (J)
The Highland Rambler (R)
Silver Tassie (S)
Pelorus Jack (J)
Neidpath Castle (S)
The Sailor (H)
Yan, Tan Tethera (J)
Bruce's Men (S)
The Piper And The Penguin (R)
Kendall's Hornpipe (J)
Monymusk (S)
Mrs Macleod (R)