Here are the programmes for the last 3 weeks

Previous weeks dance programmes  NB Dance Programmes are as  originally listed

Programme for Thursday 29 February - MCs: Judith & Suzanne

Leap Year J
The Cumbrae Reel R
Belle of Bon Accord S
Swashbuckling Iain J
Mrs MacLeod R
Slytherin House S
The Sailor R
Attitash Jig J
The Swan and the Tay S
Clansman R
Butterscotch and Honey S
Starry Eyed Lassie J
St. Andrew’s Fair J
Programme for Thursday 22 February - MCs: Jenny & Libby

Good Hearted Glasgow J8x32
The Birks of Invermay S8x32
Mrs Bennet All at Sea R8x32 (no video)
The Rothesay Rant J32 Sq Set
The Swan and the Tay S3x32
Meg Merrilees R8x24
Sleepy Maggie R8x32
Macdonald of the Isles S3x32
The Jubilee Jig J8x32
Cramond Bridge R8x32
City of Belfast S3x32
Tribute to the Borders J8x32
Catch the Wind R8x32
The Dream Catcher S96 Sq Set
Joie de Vivre J8x32

Programme for Thursday 15 February - MC: Lindsey Rousseau

1. The Grassmarket Reel (R x32) 5 dances 2009
2. St Andrew’s Fair (J 8x32) 5 dances 1982
3. The Water of Leith (S 4x32) Bk 53
4. Orpington Caledonians (R8x32) Bk 49
5. A Capital Jig (J8x32) 5 dances 2009
6. Sugar Candie (S 8 x32) Bk 26
7. Fisherman’s Reel (R 5x32) Sue Petyt and Jane Gamon 1994
8. Well Done Jack (J8x32) Bk 29
9. Triple Happiness (S 3 x32) Bk 52
10. Inchmickery (J 5 x32) Bk 53
11. Mrs Macpherson of Inveran (R8x32) Drewry 1964
Extras: Neidpath Castle (S3x32) Bk22
Roxburgh Castle (R 8x32) Bk 6

Programme for Thursday 8 February - MCs: Deb & Judith

Maxwells Rant
Mrs Stewart's Jig
Slytherin House
Round Reel of Eight
Farewell to Balfour Road
12 Coates Crescent
Luckenbooth Brooch
Miss Eleanor
Attitash Jig (Surbiton 75) (No video)
Fair Donald
Trip to Timber Ridge
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel
St Andrews Fair

Programme for Thursday 1 February - MCs: Pat & Ruth

Mr Michael Bear
Jennifer’s Jig
Wind on Loch Fyne
The Anniversary Reel
The Starry Eyed Lassie
The Balmoral Strathspey
Joie de Vivre
Mrs Bennet All At Sea (no video available)
MacDonald of the Isles
Airie Bennan
Johnnie Walker
The Lochalsh Reel