Here are the programmes for the last 3 weeks

Previous weeks dance programmes  NB Dance Programmes are as  originally listed

Programme for Thursday 11 April - MCs: Jenny & Evelyn

Espie McNabb J8x32
The Gardeners’ Fantasia S3x32
Maxwell’s Rant R8x32
Flight to Melbourne R4x32 Sq
A Strathspey for Judith S3x32
EH3 7AF J8x32
Duke of Perth R8x32
The Haar on Skye S8x32
The Rothesay Rant J4x32 Sq
The British Grenadiers R8x32
Jean Martin of Aberdeen S3x32
The Laird of Milton’s Daughter J8x32

Programme for Thursday 4 April - MCs: Deb & Judith

Royal Deeside Railway
The Aviator
12 Coates Crescent
Black Mountain Reel
Blue Bonnets
Neidpath Castle
That Red Dress (Surbiton 75th book)
Reel of the 51st Division
Cherrybank Gardens
Dream Catcher
Mrs Macleod R

Programme for Thursday 21 March - ** Spring Event - Bring & Share Supper** (no tuition)
MCs: Libby & Judith

The Librarian (Surbiton 75th anniversary) J32
Australian Ladies R32
Sandy o'er the Lea S32
Seton's Ceilidh Band J64
HIghland Rambler R40
The Gentleman S32
Joie de Vivre J32
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R32
Sugar Candie S32
Clutha R48
City of Belfast S32
Hooper's Jig R32

Programme for Thursday 14 March - MCs: Evelyn & David

The British Grenadiers
Napier's Index
Bonnie Gill Shaw
Polharrow Burn
Gaelforce Wind
The Byron Strathspey
Tribute to the Borders
Flight to Melbourne
A Rose By Any Other Name
The Chequered Court
The Minister on the Loch
The Reel of the Royal Scots

The Montgomeries' Rant
Slytherin House
Shiftin' Bobbins