Here are the programmes for the last 3 weeks

Previous weeks dance programmes  NB Dance Programmes are as  originally listed

Programme for Thursday 27 June. MCs: Ruth & Suzanne

St Andrew’s Fair
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
Jean Martin of Aberdeen
Surbiton Frolic
White Heather Jig
Slytherin House
Lochalsh Reel
West’s Hornpipe
Belle of Bon Accord
Swashbuckling Iain
Mairi’s wedding
The Sailor
Silver Tassie

Programme for Thursday 20 June. MCs: Deb & Pat

Mr Michael Bear R
Inchmickery J
Muse Cottage S
The Sailor R
Jennifer’s jig
Neidpath Castle S
The Morrison Measure R
Pelorus Jack J
City of Belfast S
James Gray J
John McAlpin S
Mairi’s Wedding R

Paisley Weavers S
Blue Bonnets J

Programme for Thursday 13 June. MCs: David & Libby

Joie de Vivre                                8xJ32
Blooms of Bon Accord               8xR32
St Mark's Strathspey                  3xS32  
The Piper and the Penguin         4xR88  
The Laird of Milton's Daughter    8xJ32  
Butterscotch and Honey             4xS32    
City Lights                                   8xJ32  
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan    5xR32
The Byron Strathspey                3xS32    
Bruce's Jig                                  8xJ32  
Summer in Assynt                      8xS32  
Cramond Bridge                       8xR32  
The Wild Geese                       8xJ32  
St Andrew's Fair                        8xJ32  
The White Cockade                  8xR32  
A Capital Jig                           8xJ32

Programme for Thursday 6 June. MC: Lindsey Rousseau

A London Celebration (R x32) Ann Dix
The Happy Meeting (J 8x32) Bk 29
The Water of Leith (S 4x32) Bk 53
Maureen’s Reel (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Derek Haynes Carnforth Collection 1
Pelorus Jack (J8x32) Bk 41
Neidpath Castle (S3x32) Bk22
None So Pretty (R 8x40) Bk19
City Lights (J8x32) Bk 29
City of Belfast (S 3 x32) Bk 48
Inchmickery (J 5 x32) Bk 53
Reel of the 51 st Division (R8x32) Bk 13

Programme for Thursday 30 May MCs: Alan & Ruth & others

EH3 7AF J 8x32
Clutha R 4x48 - Suzanne
St Columba's Strathspey S 5x32
Farewell to Balfour Road J96 (5-cpl)
McDonald of the Isles for 5 couples S 5x32
The Australian Ladies (Campbells) R 8x32 - Libby
Airie Bennan J 5x32
Montparnasse S 4X32 - Evelyn
Black Mountain Reel R 5x32
Neipath Castle S 3x32
Inchmickery J 5x32
Reel of the 51st Division R 8x32

Programme for Thursday 23 May MCs: Jenny and David

The Highland Fair J32
MacDonald of the Isles S32
Catch the Wind R32
The Diamond Jubilee J32 (for experienced dancers only)
The Falkirk Lass S32
Fisherman's Reel R32
Blue Bonnets J32
Sugar Candie S32
The McFarlanes of Mile End R32
The Surbiton Frolic R40

Programme for Thursday 16 May MC: Pat
The Frisky

Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
MacDonald of Keppoch
Farewell to Balfour Road
Miss Milligan’s Strathspey
Mairi’s Wedding
The Byron Strathspey
Deil amang the Tailors